Learn Chinese (Mandarin)

Travelmate Chinese (Mandarin)

IF you don’t know a word, the last thing you want to do is to leaf through a book for five minutes before finding the right entry. You want the right word immediately. That’s why EuroTalk recommends the Travelmate for its simple, logical searchability. It’s also fun and has lots of helpful insights into the language and the country you’re visiting.

Will it work for me?

EuroTalk software is designed so that you’ll always have the words you need ready in your head for when you need them. Nevertheless, you may feel you want to take a travel dictionary with you when you go abroad, so we’ve reviewed lots of products to find the most suitable. This is the one we recommend because it’s easy to use, has a good range of vocabulary and includes helpful tips are included where they are most relevant.

What will I learn?

Really useful things like whether you should boil the tap water before you drink it, simple grammatical tips, words that you’ll commonly need and replies that you’re likely to hear.

Travelmate help languages

  • English (American)
  • English (British)

How does it work?

The Travelmate is a short English to Chinese (Mandarin) travel dictionary. Some entries are explored in more detail, with tips about local customs and culture – you can learn a great deal just by dipping in, or you can use it as a resource for quick lookup. The country map is located in the back, and if you look up ‘menu’ you’ll find a menu reader. Finding the information you need is easy, so you’ll have no problem coming up with the right words in a hurry.

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